(WHTM) — Experts evaluated Pennsylvania’s infrastructure, which includes bridges, drinking water, and more, and gave the state a report card with a letter grade.

Overall, Pennsylvania received a C-, which means the infrastructure is in mediocre condition and requires attention, said Michelle Madzelan.

A team of 75 civil engineers reviewed 15 infrastructure categories. The grading system is based on eight categories, including condition, public safety, and funding.

Of the 15 categories, two were given a “good” condition rating: aviation and hazardous waste.

Five categories, including bridges, were considered to be in “poor” condition.

According to the report, Pennsylvania has the second highest number of bridges in poor condition of all states in the country.

“These structures are also old, averaging 53 years, which is beyond the intended design life of 50 years,” Madzelan added.

The drinking water category got a D grade. The report cited Pennsylvania’s struggle to meet replacement projects and regulations, as well as the growing concern about PFA contaminations.

PFAs are chemicals used for common items such as non-stick pans and cosmetics.

“Roughly one-third of the drinking water systems in Pennsylvania that have been tested for PFAs have been found to have levels above the EPA’s health advisory,” said Madzelan.

But how can Pennsylvania improve its report card?

“With so much growth, and new projects underway throughout, the state could surely improve if we keep our foot on the gas,” said Madzelan.

The purpose of these infrastructure report cards is to find solutions and improve overall infrastructure. However, funding acts as one of the biggest roadblocks.

The infrastructure bill passed in 2021 increased funding, but inflation has raised the costs of materials and labor.