STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Many people travel for the holidays but posting online that your home will be empty could set you up for burglary.

Sharing memories and pictures on social media are routine for many. However, law enforcement says it could lead to a theft in your home around this time of year.

“A lot of times around the holidays people go on vacation, they go out of town, and they will post on social media that they are out of town. We do not condone that. Please refrain from doing that,” explained Trooper Anthony Petroski, of Pennsylvania State Police.

Trooper Petroski says by posting you’re out of town a possible thief could find a picture of your home and even a mailbox to obtain your address.

“Keep an eye on your mailbox, have your neighbors lookout, have cameras around your property. All this stuff helps and if people see a camera on your property, that might deter a crime from actually occurring,” stated Petroski.

Although cameras might not stop a crime, a doorbell camera such as a ring would give police video evidence for an investigation.

If you’re expecting a package state police say to make sure to track it and let a neighbor know if you won’t be home when it gets delivered.

“Thefts of packages are more common now because people know that a lot of people are doing online shopping, they know packages are going to be delivered,” said Petroski.

Trooper Petroski says taking security measures like double-checking that your house and vehicle are locked are easy steps that can prevent burglary.

And remember to think before you post.

“Bad people look at social media too,” stated Petroski.

The best preventive measures are to watch out for your neighbors and invest in security cameras, state police say.