Hazleton, Luzerne County (WBRE/WYOU) — Many of us are still digging out after the historic blizzard. The Commonwealth has done what it can to keep expenses down, including sending its own cavalry to municipalities to help out.

After four days of shoveling ice and snow Hazleton residents are ready for spring.

Walter Knecht a PennDOT road maintenance employee said, “Everybody is working hard they’re putting in long hours giving up family time giving up hot meals to be in the cold and the snow.”

Knecht is one of the many PennDOT employees who has been working around the clock to dig-out Northeastern Pennsylvania. PennDOT headed off the interstate and into the city of Hazleton to lend a helping hand, Friday.

Luzerne county & Schuylkill county worked together with the city of Hazleton to clear Route 93 which is Broad Street to clear parking lane which is usually the city’s responsibility after a storm,” said PennDOT Doug Yacuboski.

Governor Tom Wolf said, “we’re trying to use every resource we have the game commission as it turns out has some front loaders some plows – there’s just a lot of snow.”

Governor Wolf stopped by the Pittston Township salt shed to thank Pennsylvanians for their hard work in getting the region running again. He says the historic storm called for reallocation of resources. That means the game commission will help a still struggling Wilkes-Barre dig out, while PennDOT spent Friday clearing streets in Hazleton.

Hazleton resident Michael Donahue said, “This guy got out here – this guy… I don’t think he’ll ever get out. And they been cleaning downtown.”

After four days – the sight of pavement – residents say – something to be grateful for.

There has been some confusion as to whether the governor declared a state of emergency during the storm – he emphasized today, again, that he declared the highest state of emergency possible in Pennsylvania –  called a proclamation of disaster emergency.