KINGSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)- With many American families desperate in their search for baby formula and alternatives, medical experts are warning against making your own.  

 It comes as recipes for “Homemade baby formula” circulate the internet.  

 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration advises against making formula and says consuming homemade formula can result in adverse health effects for infants. The American Academy of Pediatrics also strongly advises against homemade formulas, saying they are not safe and do not meet babies’ nutritional needs.  

 “Dr. Alvaro Raymunde a pediatrician at Pak Pediatrics says “I’ve been getting a lot of calls into the office with moms and dads very concerned because they can’t find the formula that their son or daughter is on and they don’t know what to do”  

 The nationwide shortage of baby formula began months ago due to ongoing supply chain problems.  

 It escalated to a crisis when major manufacturer Abbott Nutrition shut down it’s Michigan plant and recalled three types of infant formula after four babies developed bacterial infections.   

 But as parents frantically search for options, Dr. Alvaro Raymunde at Pak Pediatrics in Kingston says the last thing they should do is try to make it themselves.  

 “Babies need an exact balance of minerals and vitamins and nutrients that are very hard to reproduce in our kitchens because most of us aren’t scientists,” says Dr. Raymunde. 

He says homemade formulas typically use cow’s milk that is not processed which prevents the body from absorbing iron.  

“So those babies are going to be iron deficient and the issue with babies that are iron deficient is that their cognitive levels start declining overtime,” Dr. Raymunde explains. 

 The FDA, USDA and American Academy of Pediatrics advise against homemade formulas saying they’re unsafe and lack nutrients vital to an infant’s growth.  

In 2021 the FDA issued an advisory after babies were hospitalized with low calcium due to being fed homemade formula.  

 Raymunde says there’s just too much room for human error.  

 “One of the big issues is if the kids have too much salt or if they use too much water and there’s too little salt their brain can get swollen and it can be fatal,” warns Dr. Raymunde. 

Raymunde also advises against trying to order formula from a different country because it might not be as regulated.   

 He suggests parents look for different brands or generic formulas because they may be more accessible.  

“They’re pretty equivalent across brands so I tell parents try not to be brand loyal.”  

 Parents can also consult their pediatrician about options.  

 On Wednesday President Biden invoked the Defense Production Act of 1950 to boost the supply of baby formula.  

 It means the federal government will prioritize key ingredients for formula production and compel suppliers to provide the needed resources to formula manufacturers ahead of other customers ordering those goods.  

 President Biden also launched a program that will use U.S. Military aircraft to import formula from abroad.