SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) The Lackawanna County community spent the afternoon honoring Vietnam veterans.

     Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Hensley takes us to the heartfelt tribute.

                To the sounds of a patriotic tune … Vietnam veterans were honored at Courthouse Square in Scranton Sunday.

                 Some of the war wounds apparent…

“I was in Vietnam for 4 months.  I was a Lieutenant in charge or a platoon. I stepped on a land mine and I spent almost a whole year at the Valley Forge army hospital,” said David Wenzel, Vietnam veteran.

                …But some of the hurt, the Vietnam generation carries, invisible wounds of war.

“The time when they came back, they weren’t greeted properly and they deserve to be greeted properly.  Our government sent them to war and they should be greeted as heroes,” said Commissioner Pat O’Malley.  

                So, in 2007 congress made a change.

                It authorized the “Commemoration of the Vietnam War.”

                That’s a nationwide program to thank and honor our Vietnam veterans and their families.

                Sunday, veterans were thanked with a pin.

“It’s a small, small, small token of our appreciation,” said State Rep. Matt Cartwright.

But it is so much better that we do this and recognize these heroes.

                A small sign of appreciation, reflecting the big changes in attitude when it comes to those who fought for our freedom.

“Every single day it is changing.  It is getting better and better. And the veterans are responding and they deserve all the credit in the world,” said Judge Tom Munley, Vietnam veteran

                It’s never too late to thank a hero.


     There’s also a memorial at Courthouse Square in Scranton that recognizes 55 veterans from Lackawanna County who lost their lives in the Vietnam War.

     If you missed today’s event, organizers hope to host another one in November.