WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Parents of a Lycoming County girls junior high basketball team say they experienced hate speech during a game last week. Now they’re speaking out and want the students reprimanded.

On Thursday, December 1st, the Williamsport Junior High girls’ basketball team played Montoursville at the C. E. McCall Middle School. A parent of a Williamsport player, says students from Montoursville were harassing the girls.

“They did call one of the girls on the team a monkey which I thought was pretty disrespectful. Someone at one point stated they were making sounds like monkey sounds,” stated an anonymous parent of a player on the girl’s basketball team.

The parent says pictures of black people, like the one below, and other offensive images were texted to the players.

That’s when she, along with other parents, contacted the security officer at the game.

“I reported to that gentleman what we had witnessed and what the girls were enduring and he then removed a couple of the students,” explained the parent.

The incident was investigated by both schools.

The Montoursville Area School District issued a statement that reads in part;

Those in violation of the student code of conduct and board policy have been provided with appropriate consequences. Our sincere apologies for the ignorance of a few individuals as they do not represent our community at large.”

Superintendent Christina Bason, Montoursville Area School District

One parent, who wasn’t present, was outraged when she learned of the incident from her daughter.

“These are kids, they learn this at home. No one’s born just being you know hateful. They learn from their peers, their parents, the teachers and they’re not going to stop,” stated Daisha Dunn, parent of a player on the basketball team.

Montoursville did not say how many students were involved or what disciplinary actions were taken.

“Suspension for the remainder of the year, unable to participate in sports themselves, or possibly expulsion. You know this is a crime,” said the anonymous parent.

“These parents need fines, the kid needs fines, the coaches need fines. Something more needs to happen,” explained Dunn.

Both parents say they’re proud of their daughters for not reacting with anger or violence and continuing the game.