NESCOPECK, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Parents from two local elementary school communities rallied together in the hopes of preventing their schools from closing.

The future is uncertain for both Nescopeck and Salem Elementary Schools.

Thursday night, parents and concerned citizens of the district gathered to share their thoughts and concerns before the next scheduled school board meeting.

Crystal Mickalowski is a fourth-generation parent of Nescopeck Elementary School.

Her son is currently in third grade and she is leading the effort against the possible closure of the school.

“The parents that you see here tonight, we know how important it is to keep our community school for the benefit of our children. We realize we’re also taxpayers so it has to be fair and equitable for the entire district, but our concern is Nescopeck and the effect on our children,” said Mickalowski.

The closure could impact other students in the district, including those at Salem Elementary School.

It’s where students from Nescopeck Elementary could go, or where all students could wind up if a brand new school is built.

“I was part of the group that fought five years ago, almost five years ago to the day around this time, to fight to keep Nescopeck open the first time. We did, they did some improvements, and made the school better. That lasted five years now, so now we’re doing it again,” said Mickalowski.

Danielle Kishbaugh is a parent and Salem Township resident.

She was one of the dozens of attendees at Thursday night’s meeting at the Nescopeck Community Center.

“I do not like how they’re going to get rid of Nescopeck because they tore down my Aunt Carol’s house for that school. So, part of that school isn’t even that old, and they want to get rid of it. Don’t tell me there’s no funding in the government to be able to take care of this school. There’s funding for all of education for our kids. If there’s no funding that’s not good for our kids. These kids are our future,” said Kishbaugh.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for February 6th at the Nescopeck High School Auditorium.