FORTY FORT, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A fundraising letter from a local parent organization has stirred up mixed responses from parents in the district. Some thought it was clever, others thought it was not so funny.

The Dana Street Elementary Center Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) wanted to give parents the option to donate money rather than deal with often time-consuming fundraising for future trips and events this school year.

However, many parents questioned the intent of the form letter their kids brought home.

These words were read by hundreds of parents on Monday when the Dana Street Elementary PTO sent a unique ‘fundraising alternative’ form home with students.

The PTO says they had one goal in mind.

“To support their students without having to ask friends and family for the same fundraisers over and over again,” said Dana Street Elementary PTO President Maddie Hamlett.

But although their humorous approach may have come with good intentions, it didn’t sit well with some parents.

“Parents felt as though it was us mandating them to donate, and that’s not the case by any means,” Hamlett said.

The Dana Street PTO, led by Hamlett, held a meeting on Tuesday where they addressed the letter.

“It is never mandatory for our students to fundraise. I want to make that very, very clear,” Hamlett explained.

With three students of her own, Hamlett understands how busy life can get and wants to give parents more free time without fundraising.

“It’s okay to not want to fundraise and sometimes being a mom or a dad or a guardian is very overwhelming and fundraising just adds to that mountain. And if we can take off that mountain a little bit, that’s what we were looking to do,” Hamlett continued.

Although the board received a significant amount of backlash for the letter, the parents at the meeting on Tuesday welcomed donations as a fundraising substitute.

“I actually thought it was hilarious, I loved the sense of humor behind it all. I have three kids at Dana Street so it was nice to actually see a paper there that I could be like, “Oh alright I could just send money right in and give it right to the PTO that’ll go toward all their fundraisers,” said Dana Street Elementary parent Kelsey Cunningham.

Those at the meeting liked the idea of donating directly to activities for their children without all of the stress that often comes with fundraising.

“100% of that is just going right towards the PTO. Normally, if you get something like a Gertrude Hawk or something, you’re only getting a percentage that goes into that,” Cunningham added.

Dana Street Elementary discussed multiple fundraisers that they will have this year, but will also accept donations from parents who may not have the time but still want to donate.