DALTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — As modern life increases demands on our bodies, more people are looking for natural ways to alleviate aches and pains from issues that stem from the constant use of mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

One way to relieve soreness is with a chiropractor.

Eyewitness News Reporter, Paola Giangiacomo looked at how chiropractic care is growing, and navigating new territory, especially among children.

Tech neck also referred to as text neck is caused by repetitive strain to the cervical spine. Increased use of screen technology, especially during the pandemic, lies at the root of tech neck.

Because tech neck stems from always looking down at our screens, for many, chiropractic care is a great option to relieve frustrating symptoms that can occur.

Andrea Jensen and her family from Clark’s Summit regularly visit their Chiropractor, Dr. Joe McAulliffe in Dalton for routine adjustments. Jensen says the visits have made a difference in her health.

“I was having a lot less pain in my neck that resolved almost immediately. I used to get sinus infections every winter, but since I started consistent care I don’t get sinus infections anymore,” said Andrea Jensen of Clarks Summit.

It’s those improvements that keep her coming back to Dr. McAulliffe. Jensen even brings her two sons, 2 ½-year-old Everett, and 6-month-old Brent.

“I started bringing them when they were 1-2 weeks old when they were newborns. Sometimes they slept right through it. We don’t get sick as often. It’s been a blessing for us,” Jensen stated.

“We look for areas in the spine where things have gotten stuck and these parts get rigid. The body carries extra tension. That tension and stress affect how we feel and function,” Dr. McAulliffe explained.

By taking x-rays of the spine, Dr. McAulliffe can pinpoint a shift that’s causing the strain on the spinal chord and nervous system.

Once the weak area is discovered, he makes an adjustment to the spine with hand movements which helps release stress and tension. According to Dr. McAulliffe, “A healthy spine is a healthy you.”

“Spine is curvy and curves are important because they allow us to hold us up against gravity, so if we have a change or shift in the alignment from side to side it can profoundly affect how our spine functions,” Dr. McAulliffe continued.

Since the start of the pandemic, Dr. McAulliffe says he has seen an increase in patients with neck and shoulder pain, a condition known as tech neck that he says can be attributed to constantly looking down at your screens.

“It’s unusual for a child to experience neck or back pain, and in the last couple of years we have seen younger kids, 10 and 12, complaining of neck and back pain which can be attributed to all that time in front of screens, Dr. McAulliffe added.

Chiropractic care is not a substitute for seeking medical care from a primary physician, it’s simply an additional or enhanced form of care. The frequency of visits depends on each individual case, but regular appointments are encouraged to help keep your body operating efficiently.

As far as choosing a chiropractor, recommendations from your family doctor or friends, are the best way to choose one who is competent and trustworthy.

Some insurance companies do cover a certain amount of chiropractic visits each year, but not all chiropractors accept insurance. Also, make sure the chiropractor is licensed in your state.