EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Kindness comes in all forms, but for one local teacher, spreading kindness is as easy as the stroke of paint brush.

In this edition of Parenting Playbook, spreading cheer can add profound joy and meaning to your life. One good deed, no matter how small is never wasted.

Rika Schaffer, a preschool teacher at the Jewish Community Center in Scranton enjoys painting positive messages on rocks. She’s accumulated quite the collection.

“Your message should be kind all around so you see peace, love, friendship, family and it’s right up my alley. It’s just a fun activity,” Schaffer said.

An activity Schaffer says she started after joining the Facebook group Scranton Rocks. After painting positive messages on the rocks ,Schaffer places them throughout area parks for others to find. At Nay Aug Park in Scranton, Schaffer prefers to use the Library Box as one hiding spot.

“It makes them happy, it makes their day better. In this day and age who doesn’t want to get a positive message?” Schaffer said.

A message that promotes kindness and optimism. Schaffer also engages her students in rock painting.

“They love it. They’re all different levels,” Schaffer said.

Paint a rock, leave a rock. You could also take a picture of your rock and post on the Scranton Rocks Facebook page for others to see.

“Painting rocks taught me being kind doesn’t cost money. It takes little effort to be kind to somebody,” Schaffer said.

And making people feel good through acts of kindness is what psychologist Dr. David Palmiter says helps facilitate self-esteem.

“When kids and teens do acts of kindness, it grows their ability to be empathetic and of course that’s so important in relationships,” Dr. Palmiter said.

And when it comes to relationships, writing gratitude letters is another way to improve bonds, spread kindness and increase joy.

“It’s like injecting joy juice into your veins. When you handwrite a letter, it’s more intimate. I’ve been having students and clients do this for years and it’s a universal powerful experience where one or both people end up being tearful about it,” Dr. Palmiter said.

Other activities you can do to improve your mood and help spread joy is to keep a gratitude journal. Write down the things you are grateful for. Or pay it forward when you’re in line at a coffee shop. Pay for the person behind you.

It encourages others to repeat the good deeds they’ve experienced themselves-contributing to a more positive community.

Dr. Palmiter said when that happened to him, it changed his perspective and world view. It’s hard not to feel uplifted when someone does something nice for you like pay for your coffee order.