BLOOMING GROVE TOWNSHIP, PIKE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— Pennsylvania State Police said a woman in Pike County lost $46,968.00 in a Wells Fargo scam on June 28.

According to officials, a 67-year-old woman received a Microsoft message on her computer saying her computer has been breached.

Investigators said the victim then spoke to a fake Microsoft employee who said someone else would contact her in reference to an individual trying to withdraw $46,968.00 from her Wells Fargo account.

Documents show that a male contacted the victim and told her that in order to stop the withdrawal she needed to wire the money to the person attempting to withdraw the money.

The victim then wired $46,968.00 to someone in Hong Kong according to police.

Officials said the victim attempted to cancel the wire transaction approximately two hours later but was too late.

Troopers are investigating this incident.