LUZERNE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — A state representative from Luzerne County says he is angry and deeply offended by what he found stuffed in his office door Monday morning — one of his campaign fliers with anti-Semitic words written on it.

There are late-breaking developments in this case. The Luzerne Borough Police Chief tells Eyewitness News they have identified the person allegedly responsible for this incident.

“I came here to the office this morning and found this flier just jammed in the door right here. Somebody jammed it through. You can see that it’s ripped here but written on it calling me a Nazi, calling me Hitler, probably some of the most offensive things that you could say to a Jew,” said PA State Rep. Aaron Kaufer.

Representative Kaufer, who is Jewish, says he could not believe what he was seeing. One of his own campaign fliers that was sent out to the public returned to his office with hateful words.

“It’s the most offensive thing that you can ever say to a Jew to reference them to anything towards Nazis, Hitler. That’s what I found here this morning,” Kaufer said.

Jim Lane owns the nearby Main Bean restaurant several doors away from Kaufer’s office. He actually saw the flier sticking out of the door, saw the words and called Kaufer. Lane says he is not surprised by what he was looking at.

“You asked me this two years ago I would have said yeah but nowadays it’s gotten to the point where if you don’t see it my way I’m going to start calling you names,” Lane said.

Kaufer says he wants the person who did this to know how wrong and hateful it is.

“I called the police just because, like I said, this is some of the most offensive stuff that you could ever say to a Jew. I mean it goes to show you that antisemitism is still alive and well and that people that talk like this, especially towards Jews, is completely uncalled for, completely offensive,” Kaufer said.

There are security cameras on this property and Police Chief Mike Kotawasinski tells Eyewitness News these cameras captured images of the person allegedly responsible for the incident. The name of the person is not being released as of yet as the investigation continues.

The chief is working with the district attorney’s office to discuss possible charges.

Kaufer tells Eyewitness News he hopes this incident will send a message to others—that hateful words will not be tolerated in our society.