HUGHESVILLE, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — It was a day full of fun in the sun in Lycoming County as the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) put on their Sunny Day Camp Wednesday afternoon. It’s a unique program connecting law enforcement with children and adults with special needs.

On Wednesday afternoon, Troop F held its very first Sunny Day Camp at the Lycoming County Fairgrounds in Hughesville for special needs kids.

The day filled with fun in the sun gave kids the opportunity to learn about what state troopers and local law enforcement do on a day-to-day basis to keep their communities safe.

“I just wanna be here to have fun and just get all the schoolwork out of my mind right now. The one thing that I learned about today is with the horses, how many times they train in a year, and all that is so surprising,” said Mansfield resident Keeha Rieppel.

One trooper says it’s important to get out into the community and build these relationships.

“It’s important for those individuals with disabilities to build a relationship with law enforcement and so this gives them the opportunity to come out and build a relationship with law enforcement,” said Troop F Trooper Jen McMunn.

People here are able to learn so much more than just what the state police do. They are also able to learn about local wildlife.

“Just educate the public besides having the kids kind of learn about little things and kind of touch the wildlife and things like that. A lot of the other people that are here are asking questions about wildlife and understanding why wildlife do certain things,” said Pennsylvania State Gaming Commission State Game Warden Harold Cole.

This event also allows law enforcement to build a relationship with the communities they serve.

“To interact with different people in the community and just to really build that bond between the community and law enforcement,” said Troop F Trooper Andie Jacobs.

Organizers look forward to having their second annual Troop F Sunny Day Camp next year. They also hope to do it bigger and better.