As students across the country took action on Wednesday to demand gun legislation… So did some lawmakers in Harrisburg. Eyewitness News Harrisburg Reporter Matt Heckel reports.

Members of “Pennsylvania Safe” Caucus pointed to a number of bills they want to see not only discussed but passed by the legislature.
  “There are tens and thousands of people, just like me, who have lived the terror of a shooting in their schools.”
Jami Amo was a 15-year old high school freshman… When two gunmen opened fire at her school Columbine High 19 years ago.
“There was an outpouring of thoughts and prayers. But, there was no legislation. And this trauma rippled through our community and the shootings kept happening.” she told the group.
Which is why on Wednesday, Members of the Pennsylvania Safe Caucus pointed to nearly a dozen pieces of legislation they want to see voted on ranging from banning bump stocks and large capacity magazines to more rigorous background checks… 

Something Republican US Senator Pat Toomey has also been pushing for.
 “I do think it is reasonable to require a background check on commercial gun sales.”

P-A Safe Caucus members say many of the bills they’re pushing for have bipartisan support. But they need more.
Rep. Ed Gainey of Allegheny County noted:”We need the NRA and members of the NRA to join us. We are not against them.”
The National Rifle Association. Says the key to keeping schools safe isn’t fewer guns… It’s more security.
Wayne Lapierre of the NRA noted, “It should not be easier for a madman to shoot up a school than a bank or a jewelry store.”
Rep.Ed Gainey said: “If we don’t do something as a society to help our kids live better lives, than what world are we leaving to them?”
The Chair of the House Judiciary Committee… Ron Marsico has called for hearings to be held next month on gun laws.