EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Over the weekend, the 107th Pennsylvania Farm Show began in Harrisburg.

PA live!’s Chris Bohinski visited the farm show on Monday.

First, Chris tried some milkshakes from the PA Dairymen’s Association. He drinks a delicious orange cream shake and talks about what it means to have the iconic milkshake stand back at the farm show.

Chris also learned about some of the PA Dairymen’s Association’s snacks at the farm show.

Chris then spoke with mushroom farmer Gale Ferranto about Pennsylvania’s #1 cash crop!

Next, Chris met with three Pennsylvania dairy princesses. Selena, Darcy, and Natalie all share fun facts about dairy.

After that, Chris paid a visit to the 2023 butter sculpture, made with over 1,000 pounds of Pennsylvania butter. The sculpture was inspired by the farm show’s motto, “rooted in progress.”

He also met with Paige, the 2023 honey queen with the Pennsylvania State Beekeeping Association. Paige talks about the real live honey bees kept at the farm show, as well as some of the Show’s other fun attractions, including its 13,000 exhibitions and competitions and over 4,000 live animals.

Afterward, Chris met with artist Gerry Putt. Chris and Gerry talk about the history of the farm show and take a look at some of Gerry’s beautiful paintings.

He then learned some trick rope techniques from a woman named Ellen.

Then, Chris tasted an apple cider slushie made from Pennsylvania-grown apples. He and Corey McLeaf talked about some of the different types of apples at the farm show. Corey then explained that the money raised will go to SHAP, or the State Horticultural Association of Pennsylvania, in order to research more safe ways to farm apples in Pennsylvania.

After that, Chris met with veterinarian Dr. Jody Kull, who taught him some fun facts about cow biology, including the fact that they have four stomachs. Chris and Dr. Kull took a close-up, hands-on look at all four cow stomachs. Then, they compared a cow’s heart to a pig’s heart.

Next, Chris went to the calving corner to watch streams of cows giving birth in real life. Four cows have given birth so far at this year’s farm show.

Chris then spoke with Pam from the Pennsylvania Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association, who talks about how much fun it is to raise an alpaca.

Chris made his way into the cattle room to speak with Madalyn Rankin and her champion cow Angel from Lone Pine Acres.

Chris then paid a visit to Randy and Vicki of Randy’s Brooms. Randy showed off his 150-year-old broom press which Randy guessed has helped to stitch around 100,000 brooms over the years. Vicki then told Chris about how they make their brooms.

Chris spoke with Weston Bly who upcycles used military uniforms and transforms them into pillows, stuffed animals, blankets, and more!

Chris then met Oreo, a baby cow who was just born Monday afternoon in front of many people in the bleachers. Chris spoke with Harold Shaulis, a farmer who wanted to demonstrate how much he cares for his animals at the farm.

Finally, Chris got the buzz on some of the bees at the farm show. He met with Linda from the Pennsylvania Beekeeper’s Association. Linda explained the importance of beekeeping and talked about some of the products you can get from tending to bees, like wax, honey, soap, and hand cream.

The Pennsylvania Farm Show is open through Saturday, and admission is free to all.