Pa. (WTAJ) — Pennsylvania gas prices continue to rise again, even as the national average has leveled out at the current time.

The national average for gas, according to Triple-A, sits at $3.92. An average that hasn’t changed in the past 24 hours. Pennsylvania, however, has seen an uptick from Tuesday of 3 cents and an overall increase of 16 cents in just the past week.

In our viewing region, Bedford County shows the highest average at $3.99 a gallon. Jefferson County shows the lowest average at $3.88 as of Wednesday, Oct. 12.

Triple-A reports that in the past week, the Altoona, Johnstown and State College metro areas have seen an increase between 12 and 16 cents in just the past week.

While the price has gone up an average of 16 cents for Pennsylvanians in the past week, it’s still more than $1.05 less than the highest recorded average of more than $5.02 back in mid-June. shows that over the past three years, Pennsylvania has stayed relatively consistent, and mostly higher, than the national average. Through the early COVID-19 pandemic when no one was on the roads, PA kept above the national lows.

While discussion continues in Harrisburg about changing the Pennsylvania gas tax, it could inadvertently affect numerous cities, boroughs, and municipalities such as Altoona.