The three Democratic candidates vying for Senator Pat Toomey’s seat sparred with each other during a live debate.

The top issue for the debate on April 21 was what will be done to improve Pennsylvania’s economy, gas prices and taxes, and how to offset the gas tax revenue.

“I would insist that multi-billion dollar corporations that currently aren’t paying any taxes whatsoever pay their fair share,” said John Letterman, (D) Pennsylvania Lt. Governor.

Representatives Conor Lamb and Malcolm Kenyatta said they do not support this suspension.

“The bigger problem is if we don’t actually increase the production of oil itself, the price won’t go down whether you cut taxes or not,” said Conor Lamb (D) U.S. Senate candidate.

“We need to deal with the root causes of inflation and also make sure we build Pennsylvania and build America. Those funds go to doing just that,” said Malcolm Kenyatta, (D) U.S. Senate candidate.

However, things got heated during the debate

“You are so afraid of two little words ‘I’m sorry.'” Kenyatta said.

“I’d like to finish my answer without being interrupted, that’s another quality of being a senator that would be valuable,” Lamb said.

Regardless of everything discussed, each candidate has their own reasons why they want to be in the position.

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If you missed the debate, you can watch the replay of it by clicking here,