SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – There was a lot of police activity in the Electric City Thursday.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office and Pennsylvania State Police served a search warrant at three different facilities around 9:00 AM Thursday and by about 3:30 PM were hauling out boxes.

As many county workers were arriving, a large contingent of state police and special agents simultaneously converged on the Lackawanna County Administration Building, the county’s work release center on Spruce Street and the Lackawanna County prison on North Washington Avenue.

Armed with a search warrant, county commissioners say officers were looking for employment records from the human resources and information technology offices dating back to 1999.

“They were just basically employee files, HR files, that’s all I can say really. What they’re looking for in them, I don’t know,” Lackawanna County General Counsel Attorney Donald Frederickson said.

County attorney Don Frederickson believes agents were looking for records on more than a dozen people but he did not know a specific number.

While the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office would not confirm exactly what the search was about, commissioners say they actually requested a state investigation in June 2016 after a federal civil lawsuit raised concerns at the prison of inappropriate contact between guards and inmates.

“It indicated there may have been inappropriate and illegal activity going on at the prison so we immediately turned that over. We asked our district attorney who then, in turn, reffered it to the Pennsylvania Attorney General because we don’t have any authority to investigate criminal matters,” Frederickson said.

At both the prison itsel and at the administration building, agents removed computer hard drives, bringing them out to a special investigations van, most likely for a forensic audit before being returned.

The scene certainly suprised downtown workers.

“It’s been an interesting scene for sure. There’s some state troopers here. They have part of Spruce Street blocked off,” downtown worker Lacey Woodrow said.

“It’s just pretty choatic. There’s a lot of vans and police officers. Things are kind of shut down so it’s not usual!” downtown worker Abbey Merker said.

Just before 3:30 PM, agents with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office used a handcart to bring out boxes from the Lackawanna County Administration Building.

The records taken were the culmination of about seven hours of searching and a very visible police presence.

Eyewitness News counted at least 12 boxes which were taken.

“They’re all over the street, the lights are flashing and it looks like something big!” said Richard Passarello who was watching it unfold.

“It’s not normal for you to see state police and all those police officers,” added David Miller of Scranton.

In addition to the administration building, the county work release facility and county prison were also raided simultaneously.

Damien Biancarelli of Guy’s Barber Shop said, “I don’t think the state comes down with this kind of show of force unless they have a lot of meat.”

Damien Biancarelli watched the raids from his barber shop.

He worked at the prison roughly 18 years ago.

“I personally never saw anything when I worked there, I never saw anything that was like “we probably shouldn’t be doing that” but all you have to do is read the newspapers and follow the stories,” Biancarelli said.

County leaders admit they had no advanced knowledge the raids were going to take place.

The Pennsylvania Attorney Generals Office says this is an ongoing investigation — but says no one was arrested Thursday.