WARREN TOWNSHIP, BRADFORD COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)- When devastation hits there’s nothing like having your community backing you. An Amish farm and auction house had significant debris damage from Sunday night’s storm, and neighbors came together to help fix it.

Many residents woke up to the mess Monday morning, with debris tangled in fence posts, and fields that looked like creek beds.

Near Leraysville, an Amish family woke up to see their sheds, picnic tables, and other items floating away. Once water receded, over a dozen people helped locate and haul property back to the Sam Mast Auction.

“When something like this happens everybody shows up and does anything they possibly can to ease the burden,” says Chris Smith of Warren Township.

Community support is what gets the job done.

Neighbors are still finding things like a weedwacker and a piece of metal, but the catalyst behind this community support is an Amish school auction this Saturday.

Thick mud is not what the owner’s bargained for at their auction house. Working hard to clean up the mess for their school fundraiser that raises money for Valley View Amish School. In just five days, quilts, crafts, lawn and garden tools, and light machinery will all be auctioned off.

“They’ll give it their best shot because that’s what we do,” says Smith.

Many in the community are making sure the roads are clear in this part of Bradford County.

“Helping the neighbors get their stuff picked and get it back,” says Mike Antisdel of Warren Township.

Many residents told Eyewitness News this type of destruction wouldn’t happen if the regulations were not so tight when it comes to clearing waterways from natural debris.