NORTH MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Hundreds of cats are in need of immediate adoption as a local shelter is running out of room. Saturday, Hillside SPCA held an adoption day fundraiser.

Meet Angus, one of nearly 300 cats in need of adoption. The eight-month-old feline was just adopted by his new family.

“Out of all the cats he is the one that came to me and he was just all over me and absolutely adorable,” said Tyler Alting.

Alting came to Hillside SPCA looking for a companion for his wife, not knowing the shelter is housing nearly 300 cats, double its typical numbers.

“It was sad to leave all those other cats behind because they need homes as well,” explained Alting.

“We had it down to 150 and things were like, amazing then. Do you know what I mean? But when you’re up to 300 we don’t have the supplies, we don’t have the staffing, you know it’s hard,” stated Holly Cowalishen, the cat manager at Hillside SPCA.

This weekend the shelter is hosting its “Pawliday Wishes Adoption event” for its cats, 50 dogs, and three bunnies. While adoption is the goal, the SPCA runs on donations.

The need increases with every animal waiting to be adopted, whether that’s food or treating illnesses.

“That’s why we try and keep our numbers down,” said Cowalishen.

“We’re having to go out and spend money on litter and food that we could be using to do spade and neuters to taking care of vet bills,” explained Cowalishen.

This is the first time the SPCA has a waiting list for cats just to enter the shelter.

“We have families that maybe in the summer they found kittens and they are bottle-feeding kittens and holding them until we have a room that they can bring them in, so they are almost like foster families,” stated Sherrie Schaffer, the shelter manager at Hillside SPCA.

Alting is looking forward to giving Angus a second chance at life.

“I’ll say this much, that cat is a ball of joy!” said Alting.

Hillside SPCA “Pawliday” wishes adoption event will continue Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. To learn more on how you can donate head over to their website.