WASHINGTON, D.C. (WTAJ) — U.S Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) announced Friday morning over $230 million in funding for public transportation projects.

Early Friday, Feb. 4, Senator Casey announced, that as part of the infrastructure law, $234,134,561 in funding from the Federal Transit Administration will come to Pennslyvania to help upgrade and start new public transportation projects across the state.

Our Central Pa region will see over $4 million come in for city and regional funding.

Below is the funding for the first four and a half months in the fiscal 2022 year in our region, while additional funds will come as Congress passes the additional spending bill.

State College$2,547,778
Central Pa City and Regional Funding Total$4,087,003
Central Pa City and Regional Funding

“From our biggest cities to our rural communities, Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth rely on public transportation to get everywhere they need to go—work, school, the grocery store and more,” said Senator Casey. “Thanks to the infrastructure law, many of the Commonwealth’s public transit systems will be able to upgrade vehicles, improve facilities and provide faster, safer and more convenient service. I’m also very pleased that this bill includes $8 million to directly make public transportation more accessible to our seniors and people with disabilities. This is just a down-payment of what’s to come for Pennsylvania’s public transit.”

Over $20 million dollars is planned to be spent across the state for multiple different projects. Below is a chart breaking down those funds.

Funding for enhanced mobility of seniors and people with disabilities for communities under 200,000 in population$2,536,761
State and Metro planning$2,116,917
Funding designated for rural areas or Appalachian counties $11,344,637
Bus and bus facilities state formula $3,437,118
State Safety and oversite program$784,455
Statewide Funding Levels Total$20,219,888
Statewide Funding Levels

Below is a breakdown of all the funding and plans across the state.

Binghamton, NY-PA$175,078
Bloomsburg-Berwick $298,579
East Stroudsburg, PA-NJ$568,560
Hagerstown, MD-WV-PA$49,262
Monessen-California, PA$983,636
Philadelphia $147,188,295
State College$2,547,778
Uniontown-Connellsville $898,383
Weirton-Steubenville, WV-OH-PA$1,599
Youngstown, OH-PA $399,050
City and Regional Funding Total$213,914,673
City and Regional Funding

In addition to the $234 million, there will also be a grant program of $1.75 billion to help improve accessibility at rail stations thanks to Senator Casey’s All Station Accessibility Program (ASAP) Act. There’s also legislation introduced to make public transportation more accessible for college students.