LOWER AUGUSTA TOWNSHIP, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Local community members are coming together this morning to help with disaster relief in Kentucky after devastating tornadoes hit the state on December 10.

“Just looking on Facebook, looking on the news. I saw the devastation and said, we need to do something,” said Mark Minnier, Organizer.

They call it “Operation Support Kentucky.”

“Kentucky knows Pennsylvania is coming,” said Ryan Boyer, Country Turf & Trail.

Community members came together to gather donations, wrap presents and load up several trucks.

“I was expecting two or three trailers to go down there, nothing like this,” expressed Minnier.

And this is just one of the dozen tractor-trailers headed to Kentucky this morning filled with thousands of donations from the Northumberland County community and beyond.

“It’s December, it’s the time of giving. We have Christmas coming up and these folks are not going to have that Christmas. If you think about it, they probably had their trees up, their gifts purchased for their children or families. That’s all gone,” said Tracy Boyer, volunteer.

They’re not only headed south with supplies to help those devastated by this month’s tornados, but they are bringing a little Christmas spirit too.

“I really wanted to help out the kids in Kentucky when I heard about the tornados from my dad, and my class heard about it and they just wanted to do it too. So, now they’re doing it,” explained volunteer Quinn Boyer.

And from there, the idea spread to line mountain, Lewisburg, Shikellamy, Midwest, and Selinsgrove School Districts, each made cards to give to Kentucky children who might not get to experience Christmas this year.

“We’re going to make sure all these Kentucky kids and beyond have a little bit of Christmas aren’t we,” Ryan Boyer announced.

a Christmas miracle is now on its way from Central Pennsylvania to Kentucky.