“Operation Davendarling” One Couple’s Quest


LUZERNE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)  So many children are in need of a loving home– but some find the adoption process in the United States so daunting that they look into solutions overseas.
    Eyewitness News Reporter Valerie Tysanner talked to a local couple who is going through the process

Since she was a little girl…Donna Davenport – has had a dream.  She wants to adopt a child

Her husband Jason – says once he met his wife – he wanted that for their little family, too.

 “When you start to love someone, you know, their dreams become your dreams.” Jason told Eyewitness News Reporter Valerie Tysanner.

Donna has been researching the idea for as long as she can remember…
But one comment stuck with her —

 “We would all adopt if we could afford it – and that was the first warning to me that its not as easy as it looks right now.” noted Donna.

The couple shocked by the costs
“Around 30-thousand dollars to adopt in the United States alone, and I was shocked.

Neither had that kind of money laying around –
But decided to push forward.. with an infancy adoption from Florida.

“I kept looking at different countries anyway, just because its what I’ve always done.” said Donna

And one day – they knew.

“I Just remember as I’m going through seeing her story thinking that’s her.” Jason added.


Though the Davenports can’t say the name of the 10 year old girl  they are working to adopt from the Philippines –
They have already started making their house- her home.
Learning to cook traditional  Filipino food and crocheting a blanket… For those Pennsylvania  winters.

And to their surprise – adopting internationally – is ultimately cheaper than within the United States.
They say this adoption will be about 10 thousand dollars less.. than adopting from Florida.
Even so -they say… The process is something… That takes a village.

Check out  the Davenport’s Go Fund Me Page   https://www.gofundme.com/mvc.php?route=search&term=%22OPERATION%20DAVENDARLING

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