TANNERSVILLE, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — This week marks one year since a father and daughter beat the odds and survived a small plane crash in Luzerne County.

Now, an unbreakable bond has formed between the family and the first responders who saved them.

With the support of her parents, 14-year-old Angela White walks down the hallway inside her Tannersville family home.

An astounding feat no one thought would be possible after she was paralyzed in a plane crash last year.

On November 14th, 2021, Angela went for a routine flight with her dad, Chris White, but during the flight, he was blinded by a snow squall.

“I lost control of the plane in some way, I don’t even remember what happened, but the next thing I remember was waking up crushed and cold and silent,” said Chris.

The pair survived the crash, bearing the freezing winter weather for seven hours before rescuers, including State Police Sergeant John Richards and Bear Creek Township First Assistant Chief Jim Serafin, found them alive.

“Most police officers would say they wish that their brain would forget what their eyes have seen. I pray I never forget this night and what I’ve seen because it was truly, truly a miracle,” says Richards.

In the crash, Chris broke his back, among other bones, and suffered a severe concussion. A portion of Angela’s spine was shattered leaving her paralyzed from the waist down.

Sergeant Richards was the first to find them and heard Angela speaking to her dad.

“That’s when it dawned on me,” Richards says, “they were alive and this was going to be a rescue, not a recovery and they’re truly, truly a miracle on Bear Creek Mountain.”

“We’re alive. It was dark. We held on,” recalled Angela.

Assistant Chief Serafin helped carry Angela through the woods to her safety, the group of them reuniting one year later reliving the crash they’ll never forget.

“We’re just going to keep praying, and keep believing, and keep exercising, and keep trusting god,” said Chris.

An unbreakable bond now formed – with lessons learned along the way.

“Stay positive, there’s hope. There’s hope. It rarely happens but this proved that right so that’s what I take away from it,” said Serafin.

Renovations are underway at the White’s home to make it more wheelchair accessible for Angela.