OLYPHANT, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — As the world watches the actions of the Russian Military near Ukraine, second, third and fourth generations of those who left Ukraine in the past 150 years are concerned for global peace.

Father Nestor of SS Cyril and Methodius Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has roots in Ukraine. He tells Eyewitness News the recent situation has been weighing on his mind.

“There’s a lot of concern. The Russian Army has been parked outside of Ukraine for months and months already. There’s been lots of killings. There’s been lots of injuries, lots of maimed soldiers and all. We’re praying for all of them,” said Father Nestor.

A parishioner reflected with pride about the immigrants who arrived in the Mid-Valley beginning in the 1870s and built places of worship that still stand today.

“It’s amazing. They came over here with nothing and they were hoping to get jobs, and they ended up working, knocking themselves out in the mines. Yeah it is amazing that they were able to build churches like this,” said Leo Danylak, parishioner.

He’s hoping that world leaders will speak up and discourage Russia from further action.

“I would hope that the rest of the world would tell Russia to back off. I’m not exactly sure why Putin wants Ukraine,” said Danylak.

The parish community of SS Cyril and Methodius say they will continue to hope for a peaceful outcome.

“Our holy father has asked for a day of prayer, tomorrow, for Ukraine. So we’re hoping that all our parishioners, and that everybody in the world will be praying for peace,” said Father Nestor.

Right now the United States has 8,500 troops on high alert.