STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – It’s that time of year again when parents dust off their kids favorite bicycle or scooter. But there’s a new study you may want to keep in mind while doing that.

For Marc Pensyl, there’s no greater joy than watching his four-year-old son, Michael, ride his bicycle.

“When he goes down a hill and picks up his feet, you can just see the joy and excitement on his face,” smiles Marc Pensyl, Vertical Earth Mountain Sports store manager.

But sometimes that high comes crashing down…. literally.

“I have seen him fall more than I’d like to see!” Pensyl laughs.

According to a Safe Kids Worldwide study, more than 400,000 kids get hurt each year riding bikes, scooters, skateboards, or roller blades. That means 50 children will walk through an ER’s door every hour.

“When everyone gets out of their winter blues and the thaw happens, they all come out of the woodwork,” jokes Dr. Jean Paul Romes, owner of Pocono Urgent Care.

Dr. Jean Paul Romes with Pocono Urgent Care expects to treat hundreds of pint-sized patients from falls this summer. He sees injuries ranging from cuts and scrapes to fractures or broken bones.

He explains, “definitely lots of sprains and a few dozen concussions.”

Doctors recommend wearing a helmet and protective gear like elbow and knee pads so you don’t end up in their care.

The good news is, research shows helmet use is on the rise while bike-related injuries are going down. Nearly 70 percent of parents insist their child wears a helmet, and that includes Michael’s dad.

“Safety is definitely paramount,” Pensyl adds.

Pennsylvania law says kids 12 and under are required to wear a helmet.