SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – Coney Island is known for its hot dog eating competition and Philadelphia is known for the Wing Bowl but Scranton may be the capital of the cannoli eating competition.

For the fifth year, a cannoli eating competition was held as part of the annual La Festa Italiana celebration.

Seven people vied to be named champion.

As they downed the Italian treats, the group made it look easy but very, very messy.

“It tastes amazing and then by the seventh cannoli, you start thinking to yourself all right, maybe I’m in the mood for something else, a piece of pizza would be nice right about now” third place finisher Chris Cummings of Vestal, New York said.

With only five minutes on the clock, there was no time or ricotta cheese to waste.

In the end, it was a new record for La Festa Italiana.

“17 and 3/4 cannolis, Dave “The Termite” a new record!” announcers said as the competition came to a close.

Before you ask, the answer is yes, winner Dave Wood of Kingston does train for this.

“Cannoli’s you don’t really have to chew. You just kind of swallow them. It’s not like a lot of contests where your jaw will get sore from chewing and chewing, this is just get it down as fast as possible,” first place winner Dave Wood said.

Wood blew away his closest competitor who only downed 11 cannoli.

“My motto is why eat one cannoli when you can eat 11 or 17 and 3/4!” second place finisher Russell Keeler of Kingston said.

Forget the stomach ache, for the top three finishers, they say this competition was just an appetizer.

“I’ll probably get a porketta sandwich and a piece of pizza,” Cummings said.

Dave Wood won $150 for finishing first place in the cannoli eating competition.

Second place got $75 and the third place finisher got $50 and that doesn’t even mention the free T-shirt!