FORTY FORT, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Inspiration struck on the wall of a business in Luzerne county. The community hopes a new mural will help boost the economy by bringing in foot traffic.

Take a look at this artwork. This mural is one of five going up in Luzerne county. The artist started painting this mural last week in hopes of inspiring children in the community.

“Beautiful, never seen anything like it, it’s really amazing,” said Mike Kubick of Swoyersville.

With the stroke of a brush and the spray of a can, creativity comes to life on Fort Street in Forty Fort.

“Just exactly how they go about it is something to behold you know there must be a secret to it,” Kubick added.

The artist lives in Forty Fort and goes by the name ‘Have A Art.’ With this mural, he’s hoping to inspire children’s imaginations.

“Kind of promoting going outside and continuing life after the pandemic and just kind of liven things back up,” said Have A Art.

The mural can be seen from Wyoming Avenue on the side of Beyond Behavior Consulting. So far, there’s a bike and basket, bubbles, and origami.

“I think it’s wonderful, I think it brings a sense of community to the Forty Fort area, I also think it has a very cultural aspect to it,” said Jessica Hartnett, Beyond Behavior Consulting.

The murals are made possible through grants and work from the nonprofit Street Art Society.

“We want to focus more on this area. We started out with some murals in Kingston, Edwardsville, Luzerne, and now we’re moving down the ave,” said Jenna Casaldi, Street Art Society.

Have A Art taught himself how to paint, but loves to bounce ideas off of other artists.

“You know we can learn from each other, so I’d like to network with them as well,” said Have A Art.

A father himself, Have A Art encourages parents to bring their aspiring artists down to get them inspired.

“Bring them down and maybe he can help me, and we can get them into it you know early.”

Have A Art started last week and hopes to be finished with the mural in two to three weeks. The next mural will be in Pringle with three other locations to come.