New Chapter for Lewisburg High School

LEWISBURG, UNION COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) A Union County high school has been sold!
    Eyewitness News Reporter Cody Butler tells us about the new beginnings.

The name is still etched in concrete  lockers once filled with jackets and books still line the hallways and you might still hear the echos of cheerful students heading to class. 

“I literally went to high school here in the Lewisburg high school.”

Now – Abby Gulden-Luthi is getting to leave her own legacy once again.

Sale of the old school was finalized Thursday. Sale price? 726-thousand dollars. 
But Abby, co-founder of the ‘Lewisburg Children’s Museum’ isn’t just looking back  she’s looking ahead.
Starting next week construction will start on more than 20 exhibits.

“Interact, play and learn something that’s happening beyond their specific neighborhood is.” Said Abby

“And they have their set building room right up here on our right.” added Erin Jabloski, Building Organizer

Since the school district agreed to sell the building to ‘Greenspace Properties’ last November – Erin Jablonski has been working on proposals to fill these empty halls with people once again.

“I was a bit opposed for them to build a new high school.” Noted Jabloski

She fought to keep it open as a school. When that failed.

 “I decided to find a way to re-purpose this building so the community could be in here again.”

Currently,  five organizations are set to take up residence, including the ‘Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority’ which will bring its  gymnastics program which will take over the former gym.   

While basketball hoops will be moved – Stacey Sommerfield with the authority plans on adding foam pits, balance beams and more.

“This place is already amazing ’cause it is already a gym and it already has a high ceiling as you can see.” noted Sommerfield.