WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) —Inflation has stretched budgets for many families to the breaking point. Now, a seasonal child and maternity pop-up shop is open again, helping many stretch their dollars.

Raising children is expensive. Especially when they grow out of clothes quickly, and need new toys.

“It’s great. It’s really helpful, you know, there’s so many brand new clothes there’s so many toys. Kids go through toys left and right and break them. At least mine do so it’s really helpful,” said Julie Novy.

The “Just Between Friends” pop-up sale offers 50 to 90 percent off on kids’ and maternity items, making it easier for families to budget for their little ones’ needs.

“I found a ‘Just Between Friends’ in a different area and I walked in and I was like oh my gosh, like this is like everything that you need for your kids because it’s so expensive to raise a kid,” explained Heather Orlandini.

Orlandini began “Just Between Friends” in Wilkes-Barre eight years ago and arranges the sale twice a year.

“When I see people come in here they’re so excited and they’re so happy and they have wagons full of stuff. It’s not a lot of money. It’s a really great feeling to be able to provide this for the community because it’s really tough right now,” Orlandini told Eyewitness News.

Customers say it’s a great way to save money for their growing families.

“You can get a whole wardrobe in half the amount of money, so it’s really great to stock up even. Especially as a single mom of two, it’s really great,” Novy said.

All items at the shop are from families within the area.

“These are not items that we buy from stores. These are your friends, these are your family’s, these are your co-worker’s items here,” Orlandini said.

Just between friends children and maternity consignment sale will be in Wilkes-Barre from December 1st to 3rd and will return in the spring for its next seasonal sale.

Any items that remain once the sale is over will be donated to a local charity. Just Between Friends is located at the old Sears in the Wyoming Valley Mall. More information head