NANTICOKE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One local business in our area is partnering with a nonprofit to help give back and raise awareness for their twist on the popular Polish food pierogi!

The Pink-Rogi Project.

This October NEPA’rogi is giving back and raising awareness with its pink potato and cheddar pierogis.

“What we are doing is partnering with the cancer wellness center of NEPA. Some of you may know it as Candy’s Place,” said Jasmyne Morgans the manager of NEPA’rogi.

The family-owned operation here at NEPA’rogi will be crafting and cooking up pink-rogis all month long.

A portion of proceeds go to a cause that they say hits home.

“We have people in our family that have been through the cancer journey and survived,” adds Morgans.

“We recognize that there are many different types of cancer and that it impacts everyone not just the people who are going through the treatments but also family members,” explained Megan Zeilinski the director of operations at NEPA’rogi.

This is the first time NEPA’rogi is partnering with the Cancer Wellness Center of NEPA but they say they plan on doing their Pink-Rogi project for years to come.

“The folks reached out to us… they were interested in doing pink pierogi we thought it was a tremendous idea and the start of a great new tradition,” continued Tom Ruckey the director of the Cancer Wellness Center of NEPA.

The Cancer Wellness Center of NEPA supports people with every type of cancer.

“We provide free support services to cancer patients, their families, and caregivers. We’re able to keep all of those services absolutely free because of fundraisers like this,” says Ruskey.

Supporting a small business for a big cause.

You can get the pink-rogi at NEPA’rogis store in Nanticoke subject to availability but they recommend ordering ahead.

They’re also selling tee shirts for the cause on their Facebook page.