Neighbors react to vandalism spree in Lycoming County


WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Cars are still taped up on the streets in Williamsport and Montoursville.

Marie LeCrone of Montoursville is now in custody after being charged with breaking the windows of nearly 100 cars in Lycoming County. Police say LeCrone’s daughter called them while they were investigating and said that she suspected her mother of being involved in the incident after LeCrone texted her saying she went on a “rampage”.

When police arrived at LeCrone’s house, they saw she matched the description of the suspect caught on surveillance video shattering the glass of cars in front of multiple homes, and also had cuts on her hands. They then took her into custody.

During an interview done by police, LeCrone admitted to thinking about damaging vehicles but denied actually doing it, saying a “copy” of herself must have caused the damage. Now, almost a week later, cars are still being taken in to get repaired, and their owners are still in shock over what happened.

“Broke these windows like nothing, and just you know like for what reason? I mean she was just so casual about it and to damage so many cars I don’t understand what possessed her to do such a thing,” Karen Fischer of Williamsport said.

“I was just upset cause with Christmas, you know it’s already rough enough you know with COVID and then to wake up and you know have damages you know you just have to come up with extra money. I mean people just don’t have extra money this time,” Julia Carey of Montoursville said.

Brandon Wrathbun says he’s surprised no one on the street heard the sound of glass breaking. He tells me he just moved to the city in the fall.

“We were told this…not a lot of crazy things happen, this is a pretty boring part of town so we didn’t really expect it,” Wrathbun of Williamsport said.

Dan Crisman owns 3D Glass, an auto glass shop in Montoursville. The shop has received over 40 cars involved in the incident. He says the damage on those cars is extensive.

“Well it’s all door glasses and passenger glass in the back. Some cars she broke.. were broken all the way around, other cars just the drivers window or the drivers window and the back window on the driver’s side,” Crisman said.

Many cars still have glass shards in them and the cost to repair them isn’t cheap. Some people have insurance to cover the damage, but it’s a bit more complicated for people like Julia Carey, who was renting a car now damaged. She says she has insurance but..

“You know the repair costs about 215 dollars and then we’re not sure yet if they’re going to charge me for all the days the car couldn’t be rented. So it might be an additional 500 dollars so we’re waiting to see.. but who has 700 dollars that they could you know just give away?” Carey said.

Yet not all is lost, neighbors say this incident helped bring the community together.

“Obviously nobody wanted it to happen but the whole neighborhood gathered together because every car was hit on this block, every neighbor was out, and we were all working together. Karen said like her daughter from out of town was here, helping sweep up glass, people were tarping other people’s cars and writing down the police reports, things like that. The neighborhood really came together and that was a beautiful thing to see,” Wrathbun said.

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