Neighbors react to Friday nights police chase in Stroud Township


STROUD TOWNSHIP, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) —New details emerge after a vehicle chase through New Jersey and Pennsylvania ended in the Poconos Friday night. State police say the driver rammed into a state police cruiser trying to get away.

The chase ended on Shafer Schoolhouse Road and Business Route 209 in Stroud Township and the skid marks were still visible.

Neighbors say the pickup truck flipped over in this grass. Those who live in the house where the incident took place say they saw the whole thing from inside- their young son still scared today.

A sea of police officers swarmed business route 209 Friday night, surrounding 51-year-old Steven Wilson of Allentown in his dodge ram pickup truck.

“I heard the cops going by fast as they could go one after the other and I looked out and there they were all down there it was lined up from the house all the way down,” said Eleanor Slutter. We spoke with Slutter as some of the nearly two dozen police vehicles began to disperse.

Earlier in the night, New Jersey State Police pursued Wilson for several traffic violations. Pennsylvania State Police picked up the chase and cornered Wilson on I-80 Westbound.

“The only thing I heard was sirens wailing down the highway over here. Just part of a loud commotion and a bang. The next thing I knew the street was flooded with cops and there was a turned-over vehicle up here,” said Chris Velez a neighboring witness.

Wilson was apprehended by a Stroud Area Police Department K-9 and was taken to the hospital.

“It was scary because I had two kids outside. Two little ones and I mean I got them and I got them back in the house,” stated Slutter.

Neighbors are surprised this sort of thing happened near their homes.

“For the most part it’s a very quiet area out here. Usually nothing ever happens. The loudest thing we get are blown out tired from the highway and that was way louder,” said Velez.

“I’ve never seen anything like this and I’ve been out here. I’ve lived out here six years but I’ve never seen anything like that,” stated Slutter.

Velez says he’s glad police were able to work quickly to catch Wilson, “Anything could have happened. He could have hit an innocent person coming down the road. Especially with the highway being a dangerous place with high speeds. You can go off road and hit oncoming traffic. It was very good that they were able to at least contain it.”

Wilson faces several charges including aggravated assault of law enforcement, recklessly
endangering another person, and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Wilson was arraigned this morning and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 17th.

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