Coastal towns preparing for Isaias landfall

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CAROLINA BEACH, NORTH CAROLINA – The wind on Carolina Beach is really starting to pick up. It will be when people are trying to sleep that they will feel the biggest impact from this storm, including heavy rain, heavy storm surge which we are expecting high tide around 8:30 Monday evening. And not long ago, local authorities issued a state of emergency, so, they would like to see everybody back inside wherever they are by 6:00.

Choppy waves and stormy looking skies greeted people as they made one last trip to Carolina Beach before Isaias arrives.

“We’ve been waiting to see the beach and we’ll enjoy it while we can and see what happens,” said Jennifer.

“Everyone has been cooped up last three months, we had 3 good days, it’s not too bad yet but I know it’s going to come down pretty hard,” Thavah told our crews.

“She doesn’t really mind that the rain is coming,” said Susan Nobles. She and her dog Abby are staying with family. She like many others plan to ride out the storm.

“Either way it’s coming we’re not really concerned and enjoying family time. This is little, it’s a tropical storm and not much to worry about,” Nobles explained.

But that decision isn’t one that’s so easy for everyone.

We’re not going to stick around for all of the fun but i’m glad we came anyways, said Chelsea.

Dee tells us “In Nashville we’ve never experienced hurricanes so we’re trying to make a decision at the last minute if we’re going to stay or go.”

At the Drifters Reef Motel, crews spent the day securing things that strong winds could blow away, like pool furniture… That’s now in the pool.

“This one doesn’t feel too bad, flooding and wind are always the biggest concerns – right now we are just hoping that by tomorrow morning everything will be fine.”

That hope is shared by others who want to salvage their summer beach getaways.

“Hopefully things will pass and we get back to as normal as we can. It will be fine one way or the other we’re going to enjoy our vacation,” Thavah added.

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