MIDDLEBURG, SNYDER COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Preparations for the Christmas season are already underway as a Christmas tree farm from Snyder County will provide the new National Christmas Tree in Washington D.C.

Eyewitness News got an exclusive look at the tree’s departure from Middleburg.

Darryl Bowersox grew up working on his grandfather’s farm, purchased in 1954. Decades later, he owns Hill
View Christmas Tree Farm.

“I look at this, not so much from my own standpoint, but what it means to the area,” said Bowersox.

After more than three decades of growing a 28 and a half foot tree, Bowersox is going to donate it to the nation and is providing it as the 2021 National Christmas Tree, which will be lit by the President.

“The family and I talked it over and given the significance of the tree, what it not only means to the industry, but to the county because it is the National Christmas Tree, we decided we would donate it,” said Bowersox.

His son, Ben Bowersox, is the one who convinced him to submit the tree.

“I pressured him into it because I saw the opportunity and he didn’t. I just kept on pressuring him to do it and then he told me he sent an email and then it all rolled out from there,” said Ben.

Darryl says he’s proud the Christmas tree is coming from his farm, but is even prouder it’s coming from right here in Central Pennsylvania.

“Yes, the tree is going to Washington, but we’ve got a sizable amount of dirt from Snyder County that’s going to be now in the national mall,” Darryl explained.

The Christmas tree began its voyage to our nation’s capital Friday morning just after 9:00 am.

Eyewitness News asked Darryl what he thought his grandfather and father would think about the monumental day.

“I think he’d be speechless. I don’t think he could’ve possibly dreamed something like this would be even remotely possible, but I know both of them would be tremendously proud,” Darryl presumed.

This is sure to be a Christmas season this family will never forget, as the Bowersox family is invited to the President’s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony in December.