EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — When traveling to rural areas of Pennsylvania, signal loss can be common. For some, this limited service is experienced every day.

The state is looking to modify its broadband map and make a change for those rural areas that may not have reliable internet accessibility.

Eyewitness News had the chance to speak with some grocery shoppers in Scott Township, Lackawanna County earlier Monday, and they expressed their frustrations with the limited service they often experience.

We are living in the age of information. The computer age, the digital age, the new media age. Yet, many in Northeastern Pennsylvania do not have internet access that lives up to the speed of its evolution.

“In some areas of Lackawanna County, it’s very difficult to get internet access. They may have internet access, but it’s very low speed or there’s some areas that are just not even accessible,” said Kimberly Walker, Wireless QOS Administrator.

Lackawanna County is looking to improve the national broadband map and public input is needed.

“Oh, it’s always going to cause problems. Every once in a while your internet goes out for no reason at all. Now I have seen them trying to replace the lines but the strength in the signal has not happened,” said Frank Beier, of Justus.

“It’s more than frustrating, it’s annoying. I just called my son and he said, ‘Wait a second I got to call you back on the landline.’ Because he couldn’t get me at home,” added John Doherty, of Clarks Summit

Those who live in unserved or underserved areas are urged to fill out a broadband map challenge.

“We can identify those areas that are in need and this way if it shows that they have it but they actually don’t, it’s important to go ahead and challenge that part of the map,” said Walker.

It gives county citizens the opportunity to make sure their information is correct on the federal communications commission’s broadband map.

It will help to bring funding to the areas of concern and for those who are currently impacted by connection issues.

“If they don’t have internet access, we’re encouraging them to stop by their local library. They’ll be able to help check their status and also fill out a challenge if they need to,” Walker continued.

The Broadband Map Challenge must be completed by January 13 in order to be updated for the mid-summer 2023 map.

For general information check out the national broadband map website, to help improve Lackawanna County’s broadband map visit their website and check online to find out how to submit a challenge to the most recent broadband map.