Nanticoke playground vandalized, defaced with explicit content


NANTICOKE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — A neighborhood playground is vandalized and now a community is left to clean up the mess and pay for it. But since they weren’t able to fundraise during the pandemic, the playground association is strapped to make quick repairs.

This isn’t the first time the Quality Hill Playground has been hit by vandals, but the president of the playground association says it’s definitely the worst damage that’s been done to the park.

Cinderblocks were knocked out and graffitti was displayed along the wall of the storage and concession building- some so vulgar we had to blur it out.

“Ya know what? I don’t know how they did it, but they actually put a lot of work into doing some not nice stuff to the park,” said Tiffany Glasson, neighbor.

The Quality Hill Playground in Nanticoke the target of vandals this past weekend. Kenny Gill, the president of the President Quality Hill Playground Association found the destruction Sunday morning.

“Evidently they removed a cinderblock. And once you remove one cinderblock, you’re able to pull out the others. Once they got inside, they found our paint supply and hence they were able to use our own supplies to damage our own buildings,” said Gill.

The playgrounds survival relies on donations.

“Fixing this is not gonna be easy we haven’t been able to fundraise at all for the past year,” said Gill.

Nanticoke police are investigating. Neighbors are being asked to share any video surveilance since the park doesn’t have any.

“Keeping security and having cameras is another additional expense that we just can’t afford at this time. It’s something that we need to be working on evidently, but it’s something we cannot do right now,” exclaimed Gill.

Signs are posted across the playground saying call 911 to report vandalism misconduct.

Just a few houses away from the park is where Tiffany Glasson lives.

“It was terrible when I seen it, terrible, absolutley terrible. Tere’s always kids around here doing stuff they shouldn’t,” said Glasson.

Glasson says she enjoys the park with her kids and family often.

“Yeah I go there a couple times a week, and if I see trash there, I pick it up. I pick up everybody’s stuff. It’s a park it’s for our kids. Ya know?”

The playground association is looking for monetary donations or just donations of time. If you do know anything about the vandalism, you are asked to contact Nanticoke police.

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