My First Job: Candice Kelly


(WBRE/WYOU)  Every week night Candice Kelly delivers your evening news. But before she became a news anchor and journalist, she was serving up something else… tables. One of her first jobs was a waitress. Recently she revisitedd her serving skills.

Nestled along Scott Street in Wilkes-Barre sits a gem in the Diamond City, a restaurant called the “Anthracite Cafe”.

Mike Prushinski is the Anthracite Cafe Owner he told Eyewitness News “I expect my customers to be served with some great food, great beer selections, and personalized service.”

Which is what Candice  set out to do. She didn’t want to let her good friend and restaurant owner Mike Prushinski down.

 Back in the 1990s, she served many tables at different bars and restaurants.

  With the guidance of server Amber Costello in the Coal Bin, they start Candice off slow.

Throughout the evening Candice waited tables, made salads, served drinks.

 Candice said she was a bit rusty but not much has changed since her serving days.

You’re always on your feet.. Constantly keeping a mental log of who needs what and when. The only difference is the technology and learning the system .

Then there is the bell dinging that bell brought back memories for Candice.It’s a reminder to get your food and get going. Behind the scenes, it’s sort of a serving ballet. Each person moves independently without knocking each other over.

 Candice was grateful to the staff at the Anthracite Cafe for allowing her to go back to the ole job! 

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