TANNERSVILLE, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — With the recent warm temperatures and sunshine, you may have noticed more motorcycles out on the road.

On the last day of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, Eyewitness News went out and spoke to bikers about whether they’ve seen an uptick in distracted and reckless driving.

The end of May is here and although Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is also coming to a close – the safety of motorcycle riders continue to be crucial when out on the roads.

In 2020 the total number of motorcycle crashes increased by more than 14% from the year prior something Sharon Gerhart says she’s noticed as a motorcycle passenger.

“You see a car flying up to a stop sign and you’re like, ‘Are they going to stop?’ You know, they cut in front of you because they just don’t see you,” explained Gerhart.

She says despite distracted and reckless driving something as simple as mowing grass clippings into the road can possibly lead to a crash.

“For a motorcycle, that’s like riding on marbles. It’s very dangerous so please make sure to blow the grass clippings into your own yard,” stated Gerhart.

PennDOT reminds motorists to take an extra moment to look for motorcycles and to keep a safe distance.

Although it’s not required to wear a helmet on a motorcycle above the age of 21 or passing a safety course John Meyers says he takes that safety measure and then some following a crash he was in 15 years ago.

“Somebody turned across a double yellow line right in front of me and I t-boned them. Thank god I didn’t get hurt, but it was their fault,” said Meyers.

Coming from a family of bikers and passing down the hobby to his son he reminds those riding to keep their safety as the number one priority.

“When my son started riding I always told him to ride his bike as nobody could see him. Just pretend they can’t see you, don’t rely on their blinker, don’t rely on you know what they’re going to do,” explained Meyers.

For more safety information PennDOT has a motorcycle safety program available for anyone over the age of 18.