WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A local singing sensation has taken her talents to the big time. Morgan Myles is pursuing her dreams as a singer on the hit show ‘The Voice.’

Morgan Myles grew up in Williamsport and is proudly representing the community on the ‘The Voice’. She says she’s always had a passion for performing and creating music.

“It’s a wild ride, but I absolutely love what I do. It’s just always been in me. I don’t know who I would be without music,” said Morgan Myles, a contestant on ‘The Voice.’

Morgan Myles was raised in Williamsport and knew from a young age, she wanted to be an artist. As a teen, she was a member at Uptown Music Collective, a non-profit music school in the city.

Dave Brumbaugh is the Executive Director at Uptown. He coached Morgan and remembers her ambition to be the best.

“I worked with her when she was in 11 and 12 grade and just right away, there was always something about her voice, and I taught her guitar. She was actually an intern for me for part of school in her senior year,” Brumbaugh explained.

Morgan carried those talents to the small screen in this season of ‘The Voice.’ The pair remained close and she’s grateful he pushed her to try new things.

He’s such a mentor. He absolutely has been in my court from day one. And I just owe so much of my beginnings to him,” Myles added.

Morgan is Team Camila and made it to the top 16 performers. She says the journey hasn’t been easy but she wouldn’t have made it without the continued love and support of the community.

It’s my backbone, it’s my family, it’s my everything. So, I really, I really, I’m so emotional I’m sorry. I really, really appreciate Williamsport and everything it did for me,” Myles continued.

Morgan hits the stage again on Monday. You can help support her by casting your votes online, and each person can vote up to 20 times.

The next episode of the voice airs on WBRE, Monday night at 8:00 p.m.