STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – A county-wide reassessment project is being delayed one year, meaning taxpayers will wait longer to see their new bill. Monroe County Commissioners say several setbacks early on are to blame.

Alice Fariole is part of the team visiting 105,000 properties throughout Monroe County.

“You get to meet a lot of nice people. You get to see a lot of interesting properties and you learn a lot,” explains Alice Fariole, Tyler Technologies Data Collection.

Tyler Technologies is contracted to do the reassessment, which started last September.

“We don’t know the values of particular properties at this time,” says Gynt Grube, Senior Project Manager of Tyler Technologies.

The company said taxpayers would learn their new reassessment values in 2019. Now, the new bill won’t come until 2020.

“It gives us more time to devote to the data collection phase of the effort and the evaluation phase of the effort,” Grube adds.

Monroe County Commissioner John Moyer says the delay is due to issues Tyler Technologies experienced early on. First, a change in management got the project off to a slow start.

“That began to get things off track a little bit,” says John Moyer, Chairman of the Monroe County Commissioners.

Another curve ball came when the company couldn’t find enough data collectors to do the job.

Moyer adds, “I don’t know if numbers scare them off or what.”

Tyler Technologies says every county taxpayer should receive notice about this extension in the mail.

“It’s a fairly large county,” Grube observes.

Moyer stresses, the year-long postponement isn’t costing taxpayers a cent extra. He says it also allows the project to be done accurately.

He says, “we do not pay anymore for the process.”

If a data collector drops by your house when nobody’s home, they’ll leave a yellow notice on the door. Tyler Technologies asks you to fill it out and return it within thirty days. That way, you’re new reassessment value can be as accurate as possible