JESSUP, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) Mini golf is a family-favorite activity and there’s a good chance your favorite course was made in Lackawanna County.
    For the past 6 decades– a Jessup business has been creating these courses. 
    Eyewitness News Reporter Lauren Hensley got an inside look at how they are made.

It’s a childhood favorite.
Avoiding obstacles and nailing the perfect putt.  No matter where you play- there’s a  good chance the course was made -here- in Jessup.
“We have miniature golf courses in Azerbaijan the Caspian sea. We have an indoor glow in the dark golf course in Prague, the Czech Republic.” said Owner Joseph Buckshon, of Mini Golf INC.

Buckson’s father started in the mini golf business in the  mid 1950s.  Mini golf Inc opened in the late 80s..  from humble beginnings to a TV appearance on the apprentice, it’s their creative touch that sets their work a part.
“I get up every morning  and it is loop-d-loops and windmills. I get to design some very interesting theme courses.” noted Buckshon.
“I think my favorite creation is our Bethlehem steel course. That was in Bethlehem Pa.” said Karen Wasilchak, office manager
 We can put together an 18 hole miniature golf course with a theme in 2-3 weeks.
“Every piece is different and we just go off of that.  We take that frame work and apply the glue and put the carpet down. ” added Mike Lewczuk, shop supervisor

When it’s done– you’ve got to try it out. World-renowned fashion designed Ralph Lauren.