(WBRE/WYOU) – The Children’s Miracle Network celebration in this weekend. During that time we will introduce to you several amazing miracle kids including four year old Kimberly Mingle. She is as spunky as they come–but there was a time when her parent’s weren’t sure what kind of future she would have. When Kimmie’s Mother was just 17 weeks pregnant, she learned her baby had a birth defect. Kimmie had gastroschisis which meant her bowels were on the outside of the stomach. The baby girl would need surgery as soon as she was born and her parents were referred to Geisinger Medical Center’s Center for Prenatal Pediatrics. They soon learned their baby girl had more problems.

Dr. Lauren Johnson, Assoc. in Neonatology said, “”The amniotic bands are where the edges of the placenta itself kind of break off and it’s like having all these strings in there. and these strings can tie around different organs and body parts and cut off blood flow. unfortunately, when the organs are developing.”

You can see more of Kimmie’s Story during the Children’s Miracle Network celebration this weekend, beginning Saturday night at 9:00. We will broadcast live on WYOU from Geisinger’s Janet Weis Children’s Hospital in Danville.