SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — One resident has been decking the halls at his family home for three decades. It’s recognized as one of the most decorated homes in the community.

“It’s definitely a labor of love, for sure,” decorator Matt McCarrier of South Williamsport said.

The McCarrier home is known around South Williamsport as one of the most festive during the holidays. McCarrier has been doing all the decorating since he was a kid.

“I have been decorating for about 30 years now, this whole house and I do for all the holidays,” McCarrier said.

The tradition started when McCarrier received a snowman lawn ornament as a kid. Ever since then, the collection kept growing.

“I’ve just been on the hunt to get more and more and this is not even everything. I have half of my other collection still in storage,” said McCarrier.

Taking the display down only takes him a couple of days. But, setting it up is another story.

“I start right after Halloween and then I take a whole week off from work to do the display, and then every single night I’m in the yard. It’s an everyday process from the time I start setting up until Christmas,” McCarrier explained.

Depending on the weather, the display can stay up until the new year. McCarrier’s biggest challenge is making sure the decorations stay put.

“We get the windstorms and then they’re not standing. So, I can have them filled with 20 pounds of sand and they’re blown over,” McCarrier said.

McCarrier loves decorating the house for all the holidays but he enjoys it.

“I just enjoy it! I do it for my family, my friends and obviously, the community enjoys it,” said McCarrier

He says he plans on carrying out this tradition as long as can and is proud to do it all himself.