INDIANA COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) — Republican Gubernatorial candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano, continued his bus tour with a stop at an airport in Indiana County on Saturday.

Mastriano contines to ramp up his campaign at the Jimmy Stewartt Airport and touched on several hot button topics like abortion, inflation and enegery production.

“I’ll ask you to go to the Supreme Court’s ruling on that issue, Roe v. Wade,” Mastriano said, “And on the third paragragh of the first page, you only have to read that far, it says the matter of life is now back with the people and the people’s representatives for decision.”

Mastriano said the importance of the Supreme Court’s decision can’t be overlooked as states now have the power to make their own laws regarding abortion.

“And obviously, when those bills come in from the house and senate, that protect life, I’lll be standing with the babies,” Mastriano said.

Both Mastriano and his wife, Rebecca, took time to discuss women’s rights. Both say that women’s rights should not be any different than a man’s. Mastriano says that women’s sports are in jeopardy due to transgender athletes competing.

“And after fifty years of hard work finally the scholarships and opportunites are available for female athletes,” Mastriano said. “Only now to have the rug pulled out from under them by having biological men competing in their sports. Are you kidding me, they call us extreme?”

Up next on the campaign trail, Mastriano will be in Pittsburgh with Florida Governor Ron Desantis next Friday.