MCADOO, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — An army of federal, state and local law enforcement searching for a Schuylkill County man they call a “clear and present danger”.

Investigators say, 26-year-old Shawn Christy threatened the President’s life and it’s not the first time he threatened a public figure.

Eyewitness News Reporter Haley Bianco has been following this developing story all morning.

Law officers tell Eyewitness News they’re taking this very seriously because of his past, harassing and threatening other leaders and police officers. At this moment, police are searching the nearby woods in McAdoo.

“Sad he was going to shoo the President. And that’s when I called the secret service,” Craig Christy, father of Shawn Christy said.

And they showed up this morning around 5am in McAdoo along with the FBI U.S. Marshals, the National Swat team, county detectives and state and local police. 

“the marshal service feels that Shawn Christy is a clear and present danger and that’s why we’ve deployed all of our resources up here in McAdoo in an attempt to locate and apprehend Christy,” U.S. Marshall Fugitive Task Force, Robert Clark said.

Christy has a history of threatening government leaders. Back in 2012, he did federal time after harassing former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin.

“It’s just something we’re not going to take a chance of not taking seriously,” Clark said.

In the past 48 hours, charges have been filed against Christy for his recent social media threats to kill President Donald Trump and law enforcement officers. He is also wanted on multiple state warrants.

When police arrived in McAdoo, neighbors near Harrison Street had a rude awakening.

“Heard the helicopters flying over us at 6 o clock this morning,” neighbor, Charlene Brogan said.

“Them yelling evacuate, but we didn’t know what who where why,” neighbor, Gloria Brogan said.

Police searched two homes but didn’t find Christy. His parents tell Eyewitness News he’s been gone for days.

“I don’t know at the moment. He’s somewhere out in these woods. He’s a bush crafter so I don’t know where he is exactly is,” his father said.

Although his son threatened to harm law enforcement, his father tells Eyewitness News he doesn’t own any guns. 

“I wouldn’t find him as a threat right now at all. He’s just angry,” his father said.

But police are armed as they search the woods.

“It’s not just going to be today. We’ll be here until we can bring Mr. Christy into custody,” Clark said.

The U.S. Marshals are offering a reward of 5-thousand dollars for anyone with information that leads to Christy’s arrest. 
They have opened a specific phone line just for this case. 

Many of the people searching for Christy also took part in the 50 day search for convicted trooper killer Eric Frein in 2014.  

Eyewitness news will continue to update you on this story as it develops.