Scranton, Lackawanna County- Broken bags of gravel sit on West Linden Street in Scranton Monday morning — after a forklift accident — that sent one man to the hospital.
    Neighbors say it was quite an unusual site.

“I just heard someone yelling, I came out, the cops were already here. The ambulance was already here”  Ed McGraw who lives nearby

    According to first responders, the man was sitting on the forklift using it to start unloading the gravel on the hill  when his load shifted.
    As the man was attempting to go down the hill of West Linden Street  – when the heavy load toppled the forklift forward.
    The man inside wasn’t properly wearing his seat belt — so he left his seat — and suffered a serious head injury.
The gentleman was on the ground, bleeding from his head profusely” said McGraw

    As police investigated   the discovered the driver actually fastened the seat belt around the back of the forklift’s chair.
    If he had been wearing it   they don’t think he would have been injured.
    The accident happened just before 8:30 am.
    A large section of the road   from Main Avenue to 7th Avenue   was closed for the investigation.

“I live right there. I took my daughter to school and came back and this is here. He was here when I left but he wasn’t on the ground when I left” noted Eddie Holodnak who lives nearby

Scranton police are considering this morning’s accident a work mishap.
    When they complete their report — it will be forwarded to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.