SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Scranton police have charged a man after officials say he admitted to hospital staff that he huffs aerosol.

Police were called to the CVS in the 1100 block of Moosic Street on Wednesday. Police say they found 34-year-old Roderick Turner in the driver’s seat with his eyes closed and an aerosol can in his hand.

Police asked Turner what he was doing to which he replied that his battery was dead, officers then asked him if he had been huffing and he said no. The report states the officer saw at least 3 cans of “Dust Off” aerosol spray in the car.

According to the criminal complaint, police asked Turner to be evaluated by medical personnel and he agreed. While being evaluated Turner admitted to having a huffing addiction.

Turner was transported to Moses Taylor Hospital where hospital staff says he admitted again to having a huffing addiction.

While searching Turner’s car police say they found five aerosol cans.

Turner is charged with DUI, illegal use of certain solvents, and drug possession.