A Hazleton man is charged with murder after the body of a missing man was found decomposing in the woods.  Samuel Vacante was reported missing more than a week ago.     His body was found Sunday in the Poconos.

Now, police have the man they say is responsible in custody.  “I have nothing to do with anything these police are doing filing charges against me with. I have nothing to do with it,” says Eleazar Yisrael, of Hazleton.  He had a lot to say on his way out of his arraignment Wednesday.  The 29-year-old is charged with criminal homicide among other things for the death of Vancante.  Vacante’s body was found in Penn Forest, Carbon County Sunday after missing for about a week.  The location of the body was found close to a home that the suspect grew up in and Vacante’s car was found parked out front of Yisrael’s current home on 10th Street in Hazleton.

Luzerne County District Attorney Stephanie Salavantis says “despite the fact that the attacker planned a heinous murder on another human being, attempted to clean the scene, dispose of evidence and hide the body, law enforcement in a matter of days were able to track down the perpetrator for homicide and in an investigation that spanned from Butler Township to Carbon County.”

Although a motive has not been released, the two men were connected.  Vacante’s soon-to-be ex-wife was involved with and living with Yisrael.

Police believe Yisrael shot the victim in his garage in Butler Township.  Then transported the body.  He is being held without bail at this time.