(WBRE/WYOU-TV) Major changes inside some of our schools may be difficult for parents and students to adjust. 
       Under a new system– students in elementary school in the Carbondale School District won’t receive a traditional letter grade in ‘reading’.
      Eyewitness News Reporter Lauren Hensley explains what goes into Making the Grade.  

Many people might know of a popular challenge, that is just one aspect of the American reading company’s program. It’s called the “100 Book Challenge” and it’s just what the title says.. Students challenged to read as much as they can.
    Schools in the Forest City School District, Wallenpalpack School District and Carbondale School District are using the entire American Reading Company program and I got a look inside the classroom to see what it’s all about
This school year Regan Bishop Russo  has already read 40 books.
    But she won’t get an ‘a’ on her report card….
    Instead…. reading grades will look something like this.. 
“So the parent might see a 1 y to a 3 y.  ((So that’s a 1 yellow to a 3 yellow reader.)) ” noted Jeanne Nakonechni, Director of Curriculum
    This fall- a new reading program was introduced to Carbondale Area Elementary students –grades k thru 6. 
    Jessica Trichilo is a teacher in the district and a parent to a first and third grader… 
    When it came time for report cards…. 
 “It was still confusing even as an educator. ”  She told Eyewitness News.
    The  American Reading Company’s Reading Program uses this scale.
    It shows parents what’s the students reading level and provides benchmarks that must be achieved to in order to progress to the next level.
    The program is project-based– where students are given a subject area and  must research, write and present what they’ve learned.
    The program also requires 30 minutes of independent reading at home and 30 minutes inside school.
    That same kindergarten class is tracking their progress and it’s become a competition with the entire school. 
    Teachers say the results of the switch from the more traditional approach is nothing short of amazing….
“We have students who were asking for books for Christmas instead of games. They want to go to the library they want to read. ” Said Bonnie Moore-Roberts, 2nd Grade Teacher.
“Some of us that are older are more concerned with the skills and making sure they get the grammar and all that. But I was worried about that in the beginning but I am seeing the students are getting it because they are reading so much. ” noted Carol Ann Pope, Second Grade Teacher
    Teachers say the skills students are learning have a ripple effect .
“It does impact every subject, even math. Sometimes we don’t think it does, but if a student can’t read the problem they will really struggle. ” noted Lisa Emmett, Reading Coach
    A new school year.
    A new program.
    A new way of learning for the next generation.
 “We needed to change our students today learn differently. They are born with smart phones in their hands and memorization isn’t going to fulfill the need that they have for learning. So I had trust they were makign the right decision with changing things. ” said Jessica Trichilo, parent and educator,.
    School administrators say the program is here to stay. 
    The Carbondale School District learned about the program from Forest City. 
    The American Reading Company says 5 school districts, a total of 10 schools, in Pennsylvania are using it’s core curriculum.
    80 schools in the Keystone State may use some of it’s programs.
    And national wide– 24 school districts totaling 153 schools uses the core curriculum